ENTE's PadShop was a PadMap for Quake 3 with a PC Gamer theme. It's one of ENTE's most successful and popular PadMaps. This map was later added to the PadMod with lots of changes, but removed from WoP 1.0. The map was reborn in WoP 1.5, with completely different graphics to fit the game. In WoP, PadShop can work perfectly fine just like every other Q3 map, however it's recommended to play it via the PadMod port, since it has most Q3 Textures. In regular WoP, most textures would be missing.


PadShop's levelshot.

PC Gamer Presents-PadShop by ENTE

PC Gamer Presents-PadShop by ENTE

Video showing off all of PadShops secrets, powerups and the Imperius

Powerups Edit

PadShop has 4 powerups: Revival, Visionless, PadPower and the unused Climber powerup. The PadPower is in the exact same place as in the nowadays version of the map. The visionless is where the Revival is in the PadMod version, and the revival is in the cupboard, where the PadShield is located in the PadMod version.

There are 2 PadShields, one in the Imperius room and one in the doom room.

Weapons Edit

PadShop has all the weapons (apart from Spray Pistol):

3 Pumpers

1 Balloony

2 Bettys

1 Boaster

2 Splashers

2 Bubble G.'s

1 Imperius

There is lots of ammo scattered around, but there is no Imperius ammo.

The Doom Room Edit

As with the newer versions of this map, PadShop has many hidden rooms. The doom room used to be very limited in this map, there were no extra rooms with killer ducks and ammo. One could call it more of a tunnel rather than a room. The only powerups in the doom room are one of the PadShields, and a Betty and some ammo behind the player when they first teleport inside.

Gametypes Edit

Supported gametypes are FFA, TDM and 1VS1, as in every other Q3 map.

Music Edit

PadShop featured music by Dieselkopf, however, the track was never added to the nowadays PadRock'n'Roll in-game playlist. (Unlike PadSpace and PadGallery). There is a way to add the track that loops in the PadShop to your regular WoP playlist. You first need to find the PadShop music file on the internet. After downloading it, open it up and extract the .wav file anywhere on your machine. Use a program like Audacity to convert the .wav file into a .ogg file, name it "10_PadShop.ogg" for WoP 1.2, or "11_PadShop.ogg" for WoP 1.6. Then go to your WoP directory, open the "wop" folder and open the "wop_004.pk3" archive. go to "wopmusic" then "Dieselkopf1" and transfer the PadShop.ogg file into the archive. Then open your game and you should have the same track in your PadRock'n'Roll playlist as the last track.