Each weapon (apart from the Punchy and Grappling Hook ) has it's own ammo which is scattered around the maps in 'packs' of different ammo kinds.

Pumper Ammo Edit

Pumper Ammo adds 15 more shots to the Pumper upon pickup

Balloony Ammo Edit

Balloony Ammo adds 15 more shots to the Balloony upon pickup

Betty Ammo Edit

Betty Ammo adds 10 more shots to the Betty upon pickup

Boaster Ammo Edit

Boaster Ammo adds 100 more shots to the Boaster upon pickup

Splasher Ammo Edit

Splasher Ammo adds 10 more shots to the Splasher upon pickup

Bubble G. Ammo Edit

Bubble G. Ammo adds 50 more shots to the Bubble G. upon pickup

Imperius Ammo Edit

The Imperius has it's own ammo pack as well, but not all maps with Imperius have ammo for it. The ones that do usually have it in hard-to-reach places. In WoP 1.2 The Imperius Ammo adds 3 more shots, while in 1.6 it adds only 2

Nipper Ammo Edit

Nipper Ammo adds 50 more shots to the Nipper upon pickup

KMA97 Ammo (Injector Ammo) Edit

Since the Injector can be gotten in regular gameplay through the /give KMA97 command, it also has it's own hidden ammo, which can be accessed by typing /give KMA97 Ammo in the console. One KMA97 Ammo pack adds 10 more shots to the Injector

Spray Pistol Ammo (Cartridges) Edit

Since the Spray Pistol is used only in the SyC gamemode, it's ammo are the cartridges the player collects, making it have a maximum amount of 8 shots.

Punchy "Ammo" Glitch Edit

The Punchy and Grappling Hook do not have their ammo packs since they are mellee weapons, however, if one typed /give punchy in-game, the punchy will have limited "Ammo" which goes away after each bite. There is still not an ammo pack for the punchy however. Once the player is 'out of ammo' with the Punchy, they will not be able to do any more damage when they try to bite their opponent.