Production information


Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 80 (direct impact)
  • 1-80 (splash damage)
  • 1-40 (self damage)
Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Ammunition Type

Balloony Ammo

  • 200 units splash radius
  • Fuse time of 2.5 seconds
Rate of Fire

75 rpm

Muzzle Velocity

900 units per second




Grenade Launcher (Quake 3 Arena)

"This is a fun weapon. It shoots cool water bombs, which jump around in the arena. It's not easy to make an aimed shot, but if you hit the opponent, he'll take a lot of damage. The perfect weapon to shoot into a crowd!"
— World of Padman Manual

The Balloony is a World of Padman counterpart of Grenade Launcher in Quake 3 Arena, it works similarly to Quake 3 Arena counterpart, with the same fuse time, but having lower damage in trade off for larger splash radius, and projectiles launched by Balloony bounce more erratically than Quake 3 Arena counterpart.


  • Because of how long it is for Balloonies to explode, the Balloony should generally not be used as a weapon to fight an opponent with. Use it to cover your tracks when you're retreating, to pepper the entrances to an area, and to launch a surprise attack on two people fighting. Otherwise, don't use it. If you have to fight somebody, take out your Bubble G or Boaster.
  • If you want to fight an enemy with the Balloony, remember that you need to make direct impacts with the Balloony. Otherwise, the Balloonies will harmlessly bounce away from where you are fighting, especially if you are trying to run backwards or planning to retreat somehow; try to bounce them off the surfaces like rear walls and the ground. If you can, try to lure your target into a small room so that he'll be affected by splash damage from the Balloonies that didn't hit him. Doing so will make it easier for you to kill him with one direct impact. Bouncing Balloon off from walls or ground will generally surprise the opponent and a well made spray with another weapon like the Bubble G or the Boaster will fend them off to the Balloony blasts.
  • If you see somebody with it, it usually means they're trying to run away. If they don't notice you, shoot them a few times, because they're probably pretty weak as-is. If they do, run away, because they'll try to hit you with a few Balloonies as well. Because the Ballonny make more noise than Betty, the Balloony may not be viable if you are being chased and you are in corridor-like area.
  • The Balloony is useful for killing unaware players or block the pickups that they're about to take, also the Balloony is good for area-denial, covering the important items and objectives. If you see two or more players righting in the distance, fire a few Balloonies at time. Usually, at least one of the Balloonies will kill him. Doing this might anger some players, but some would consider such outbursts part of the fun of spamming Balloonies.