All characters have their own Quotes. That includes gestures, quotes upon shooting two players one after another without missing with the splasher, and quotes upon death.

PadMan Edit

Gesture: LOOOSER!

Splasher: *Maniac laugh*

Low Health: "Ouch!" "Ur!" "Stop it!"

Death: "You don't love PadMan ... " "Ouch.. why always me .. " "Eh, not my day .. "

PadGirl Edit

Gesture: Eat this!

Splasher: Oh yeah!

Death: "Oooh" "Damn with my lipstick .. " " So funny .. " (Sarcastic tone)

MonsterPad Edit

Gesture: *Roar*

Splasher: Cry baby, cry.

Death: "I'll be back ... " "I'm so dead ... " "Bye bye ... "

PadLilly Edit

Gesture: Ops! I did it again!

Splasher: Ha! I did it again!

Death: "Hey I'm gonna go home .." " I like stuff " " Are you stupid? "

FatPad Edit

Gesture: I'm the king of the world!

Splasher: Nanananaaana!

Death: "I can see dead, people.. " "Ou!" "I'm okaaay! "

PiratePad Edit

Gesture: Who's yer captain?

Splasher: *Laugh*

Death: "Yarrr! Bastard ... " "Man over board! " "Sailed away .."

PaddyBell Edit

Gesture: I am not a cute fairy!

Splasher: Ah! I did it again! (Same as PadLilly)

Death: "Is that a shooting star?" "I know someone who's not getting three wishes! " " ??? "

BeachPad Edit

Gesture: Good vibrations! hihihi..

Splasher: Ehehehehe!

Death: " That's not endless harmony.. (?) " " I need a new Barrel" "???"

PadCho Edit

Gesture: Hasta la vista!

Splasher: Ehehehe! (Different voice)

Death: "Viva la Mexico" " Good shot, senior.." " Good shot, grazias "

PadKing Edit

Gesture: Who arrive from the king?

Splasher: Ha!

Death: " You have broken what could not be broken" " I have been ?? from the holy grave, next time" "To be, or not to be"

PadPunk Edit

Gesture: Punk's not dead!

Splasher: Yeaaah hehe..

Death: "Punk would never die. " " Help me, Johnny Remoe" " *Humming* Hand in hand, walk along .. "