WoP has many characters to choose from, some even have their own custom skins. Most of these characters originated from the original PadComics written by ENTE back in 1998.


PadMan is the main character in the entire game and has the most custom skins. He appears as a super hero. In the 1.5 update, the PadMan model was changed entirely.  

Custom PadMan skins: 







-Evil Padnevil

-The Prock

-The King









Wop 2014-07-07 12-38-29-45

The old PadMan model

Wop 2014-07-07 12-38-55-26

The new PadMan model


PadGirl is PadMan's sidekick and fiance. She appears as a busty blonde wearing a pink suit.

PadBabe is PadGirl's only skin.

Wop 2014-07-07 12-38-58-66


MonsterPad is the only non-pad character, who appears to be green.

MonsterHawk is MonsterPad's only skin

Wop 2014-07-07 12-39-00-89


PadLilly looks a lot like PadGirl, they might be sisters. She appears to wear casual clothing (Shorts and shirt)

PadIlla is her only skin

Wop 2014-07-07 12-39-03-41


FatPad is a silly character, especially with "I'm the king of the world! "gesture. He appears like your every-day fatso (no offense to fat people)

FATTY is his only skin

Wop 2014-07-07 12-39-09-32


PiratePad is a pirate. (Duh)

Spooky and GhostPirate are his skins

Wop 2014-07-07 12-39-18-13


PaddyBell appears to be a tiny fairy who is also a Pad. (1.5 and up)

BadPaddy and PaddyBee are her skins (1.6 only)

Wop 2014-07-07 12-39-15-25


BeachPad appears to be a pad in a barrel who is holding a lemonade can (1.5 and up)

BeachPad has no skins

Wop 2014-07-07 12-39-20-86


PadCho appears to be a mexican cowboy. (1.5 and up)

PadCho has no skins

Wop 2014-07-07 12-39-25-14


PadKing is a king who also appeared in the PadCastle map from 1.2 and many other places before. (1.5 and up)

PadKnight is his only skin

Wop 2014-07-07 12-39-29-47


PadPunk is your regular Punk Teen, wearing junkie clothing and with the regular punk haircut. (1.5 and up)

PadPunk has no skins

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Mentioned CharactersEdit

There are a lot of characters who have only been seen in sketches, levelshots or in the comics, but never made it as playable characters in the game. Some of those characters include: