This is one of the few CTF maps made by ChrisEU, a WoP community member who left long ago. This map is featured as a default CTF Map in the CTF Mod. 


ChrisEU-CTF's levelshot

ChrisEU-CTF (Custom Map)

ChrisEU-CTF (Custom Map)

Weapons Edit

There are 2 identical bases as usual for each team. Both contain the following: 

1 Health Station 

1 Pumper 

1 Balloony 

1 Betty 

1 Bubble.G. 

1 Splasher

Powerups Edit

There are 2 powerups: 1 Visionless and 1 Revival. 

Both of them are in the center of the map, The revival on top and the visionless hidden in the bottom. It is however unknown whether the visionless is even obtainable. 

Bases Edit

There are 2 ways to go: The slower way through the bumpy and spiky center of the map where the player is exposed to his/her opponents, or through one of the two tunnels on the side. Be warned however: Those tunnels are unsafe, as Bubble.G. shots are constantly firing in random directions. It is possible to get through if you are fast enough, however it is not recommended. There are also two buttons on the outside of each tunnel: A red one and a blue one. Depending on which one a player shoots at, balloons will be fired down the lanes from the choosen base and deal massive damage to trespassers.   

Trivia Edit

For whatever weird reason, this is one of the few custom maps that takes a long time to load. Once one starts the match, it takes about 3-5 minutes to load the map, whilst the regular maps take a mere 5-10 seconds