There are many community events in the World of Padman universe.

WoP Lympia 2009Edit

The WoL event was a major event back in 2009. It was an ongoing olympics based marathon with 8 custom maps from the community made especially for this event, all of which are unique, like the Olympia Starting map, Final Stadium map, Strafing Arena and Football Stadium.

List of WoP Lympia maps:

Olympia Starting

FNT's Football Stadium

FNT's Strafing Arena

Ice Hurdles Run

Punchy's Lympia Fun

WoL Arena by Chris-EU

WoP Lympia Wirwar

WoL Final Stadium by PadBury

WoP Mapping Contest 2012Edit

In 2012, the team announced a mapping contest. Lots of popular and new mappers created custom maps for the contest and submitted them, all of these maps are still playable and downloadable. The results of the contest were however never released.

Clan FightsEdit

There are many clans in WoP, which also means many clan fights. The most recent event was the LF vs ASK clan fight in December 2012.

More InformationEdit

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