CybBath is a large open map.which looks like a luxury bath. This map involved quite a lot of swimming and has some good camping spots. 

Wop cybbath

CybBath's levelshot

Cyben's CybBath (PadMod)

Cyben's CybBath (PadMod)

Weapons Edit

This map features all weapons 

Powerups Edit

This map has 4 Health Stations, 1 Jumper, 1 Speedy, 1 Visionless, 1 Revival, 1 PadPower, 1 Killer Ducks, 1 Floater and 1 PadShield. 

Gametypes Edit

This map supports all gametypes (Safe for CTF) 

Special Rooms Edit

Imperius Room Edit

The Imperius room can be seen when one goes in the toilet, behind some bars there is a small space with the gun. In order to get it, one must first go in the underground area, then head to the health stations, behind the health station area is the canal of the bath where water flows down a hole with bars covering it. Convenietntly, right next to it is a button, when the player presses it, the gate opens for a short amount of time and makes the imperius accessible. Be careful! If someone flushes the toilet, you will die, loosing the imperius and all that time and effort. 

Secret Ammo Room Edit

If the player jumps on the wall surrounding the bath and walks along it, they will find a portal leading to a secret cupboard room containing Balloony and Imperius ammo.

Secrets Edit

This map's secret is the toilet. If one shoots at the large button above the toilet dish, the toilet will be 'flushed', killing anyone who enters it instantly. This makes the imperius more difficult to get. Note: Fragging someone by flushing the toilet doesn't add a point to your score, but it makes the person who was fragged loose a point. Edit