The new PadGallery has changed drastically. There were new halls added to make navigation around the map easier, new Imperius room and completely re-done textures and models. Powerup locations stayed mostly the same, besides the killer ducks. 

Wop padgallery

PadGallery's Levelshot

ENTE's PadGallery (1

ENTE's PadGallery (1.2)

Weapons Edit

This map features all weapons 

Powerups Edit

The powerups stayed the same as the old version: 2 PadShields, 1 Speedy, 1 Visionless, 1 Revival, 1 PadPower, 1 Killer Ducks and 4 Health Stations. 

Gametypes Edit

As with the other 3 maps in the PadPack, this map only supports FFA, TDM, 1VS1, LPS and BB.