PadGallery was a PadMap by ENTE. It had two versions: Main version and "DeLuxe" version. There was also a third small version with erotical art called "XXX Version", however the only changes were the pictures in the gallery.


PadGallery's levelshot

PadGallery by ENTE (PadMap)

PadGallery by ENTE (PadMap)

Powerups Edit

PadGallery had a Visionless, PadPower and Revival. There was also a PadShield.

Weapons Edit

Unlike in PadGallery De-Luxe, the first PadGallery had an Imperius. All of the other weapons are also featured in PadGallery. There were 2 Pumpers and a Nipper in the bathroom. This is one of the only few maps that has a Nipper in it (Altough the player spawns with the Punchy and Nipper, the Nipper can be added as a weapon in any map via GTK Radiant)

Gametypes Edit

PadGallery supports FFA, TDM and 1VS1 game-modes

Music Edit

Like in PadKitchen and PadSpace, PadGallery had it's own looping music by Dieselkopf. It's featured in his "Industrial Puppet" album in WoP 1.6.