The PadMod version of ENTE's PadGallery (from the PadMod Port) is a remake of the PadMap PadGallery deluxe. The only difference between the PadMap and regular map is the placement of the powerups, and the adition of health stations. 

Wop padgallery

PadGallery's Levelshot

ENTE's PadGallery (PadMod)

ENTE's PadGallery (PadMod)

Weapons Edit

PadGallery features 2 Pumpers, 1 Balloony, 2 Bettys, 1 Boaster, 1 Splasher, 1 Bubble.G. and unlike the PadMap, an Imperius 

Powerups Edit

PadGallery features 4 Health Stations, 2 PadShields, 1 Revival, 1 PadPower, 1 Killer Ducks, 1 Visionless and 1 Speedy. 

Gametypes Edit

PadGallery supports FFA, TDM, 1VS1, LPS and BB gametypes. 

Special Rooms Edit

Speedy Room Edit

If the player jumps with the pumper (Shoots at the ground) into the reception desk, they will get teleported to a hidden room containing the speedy. 

Imperius Room Edit

If the player jumps with the pumper into one of the cubicles, they will get teleported to the Imperius room. 

Alternatively, if they jump into the wrong cubicle, they get teleported back outside and a goofy sound plays.