PadKitchen has changed a lot in the PadMod ever since it's first version for Quake 3. Some noticable changes are the underground area, new cupboard areas and the removed climber. 

Wop padkitchen

PadKitchen's levelshot

ENTE's PadKitchen (PadMod)

ENTE's PadKitchen (PadMod)

Weapons Edit

PadKitchen has 2 Pumpers, 1 Balloony, 2 Bettys, 1 Boaster, 1 Splasher, 1 Bubble.g. and 1 Imperius 

Powerups Edit

PadKitchen has 1 Jumper, 1 Visionless, 1 Revival, 1 PadPower, 1 Floater, 1 Killer Ducks, 1 PadShield and 5 Health Stations. 

Gametypes Edit

PadKitchen supports all gametypes, apart from CTF 

Special Rooms Edit

Imperius Room Edit

The Imperius room is located in the underground tunnels. Where there used to be a large hole leading to the microwave and climber in the Quake version of this map, there is now a gate and a hidden button. If the player finds and presses that button, the gate slowly opens and then the player must swim through the small underwater tunnel into the room with the Imperius. 

Secrets Edit

This map's secret is the lightswitch. If one shoots at it, balloons will fall on top of the lamp and kill/knock off anyone on the lamp, similarly to PadLibrary

For whatever reason, this is the only version that doesn't have the Radio secret. (The Quake, 1.2 and 1.6 versions all have it but the PadMod version doesn't )