PadPool is a PadMap by ENTE for Quake 3. It is one of the 9 PadMaps that weren't ported and updated for the latest versions of WoP. It was also made for the "Enten Clan" (Presumably ENTE's Clan in Q3)


PadPool's Levelshot

ENTE's PadPool (PadMap)

ENTE's PadPool (PadMap)


PadPool has 1 Visionless, 1 PadPower and 1 Revival. It only has 1 PadShield


PadPool features one of each weapon (Apart from Betty, there are two Bettys), including an Imperius that isn't too hard to find, but it's difficult to get, since it's at the bottom of the pool, and until the player gets out, there's a high chance of drowning (If they are on low health). It's recommended to hold the punchy and revival while getting the Imperius. There is also Imperius ammo which can only be gotten by walljumping with the betty and PadPower.


PadPool, as all other PadMap, only features the FFA, TDM and 1VS1 Gametypes.


Instead of Constant looping music, PadPool has a little "Secret". If one were to jump to the crack on the wall where the boaster is, Star Wars themed music will begin to play.