ENTE's PadShop is the first default map of the PadMod. It was removed from WoP 1.2, but renovated in WoP 1.5. It is still possible to get the .pak file for PadShop on the internet and play it outside of the PadMod, however, there would be many missing textures.

Wop padshop

PadShop's levelshot

ENTE's PadShop (PadMap)

ENTE's PadShop (PadMap)

Powerups Edit

PadShop has 1 Jumper, 1 Speedy, 1 Visionless, 1 Revival, 1 PadPower, 1 Floater, 1 Killer Ducks and 1 PadShield. There are 5 health stations.

Weapons Edit

PadShop features 2 pumpers, 1 balloony, 2 bettys, 1 boaster, 1 splasher, 1 Bubble.G. and an Imperius.

Special Rooms Edit

PadShop is well known for it's many secret rooms.

Doom Room Edit

If the player jumps in the doom poster below the boaster, they will get teleported to a hidden "Doom Room" with a lot of ammo, shard, the killer ducks and a health station.

Moon Edit

If the player jumps in the rocket, they will get teleported to the moon where the Imperius is located.

PC Room Edit

If the player jumps in the PC Monitor, they will get teleported "Inside the PC"- a huge jungle-like room with the padpower and some ammo

Cabinet Edit

If the player jumps in the open cupboard, they will get teleported to the PadShield room.

Spray Room Edit

PadShop's Spray Room is one of the largest spray rooms in the game. It's a complete replica of the first PadCastle PadMap. The PadShop Spray Room is also the only spray room to have a powerup in it: Visionless.

Gametypes Edit

PadShop supports FFA, TDM, 1VS1, SyC FFA, SyC TP and LPS gametypes. ( FT and IG if the player installs the map on 1.2)