The Hall of Death is a Q3 themed CTF map made by Lady Killer (LK). It's featured as a default CTF map in the CTF Mod for 1.2

Hall of death

Hall of Death's Levelshot

Hallf of Death by LK (Custom Map)

Hallf of Death by LK (Custom Map)

Weapons Edit

There is 1 Splasher, 1 Betty, 1 Pumper and 1 Bubble.G. in each base. There is also a balloony on top of the bridge in the middle. 

Powerups Edit

There are no powerups in this map 

Bases Edit

The bases in this map are interesting. They are seperated by a large pool of Lava. Each base has an underground and aboveground segment. The aboveground segment has large walls with holes in them for snipers. There are 2 ways to reach a base: One is to go through the bridge, the other is to take the underground route around the lava lake, which is safer due to there being more space to shoot at your enemies. 

Secrets Edit

There is a button behind the wall where the flag is, which when pressed, Fireballs fire down the stairs, fragging anyone in their path.