Huette (German for 'living room') is a small map by Harmonieman.It doesn't feature very many secrets and hasn't changed much throughout the years and WoP versions. 

Wop huette

Huette's levelshot

Harmonieman's Huette (PadMod)

Harmonieman's Huette (PadMod)

Weapons Edit

Huette features one of every weapon

Powerups Edit

Huette has 1 Speedy, 1 Jumper, 1 PadPower, 1 Floater, 1 PadShield and 4 Health Stations

Gametypes Edit

Huette supports all gametypes. 

Special Rooms Edit

Gummy Bears Room Edit

If the player jumps on the table and goes in the packet of gummy bears, they will get teleported to a secret room containing some ammo, padshards and the PadPower.