Health Station
Production information

Regenerable emplacement

Technical specifications


  • Restores 20 health per second
  • Size of cross decreases as health station is depleting
  • Reloads in 60 seconds when depleted

All gametypes


"In the "World of Padman" there are no health bubbles to collect. Instead of picking health up, you have to step on a "Heath Station". As long as you stand on a loading station you'll regenerate your health. Naturally, you'll not get more than 100% health. If you reach the 100% a voice will let you know that you are fully regenerated. Also, the stations do not have unlimited health to give. The size of the cross shows you how much health is left at a station. If a station is empty, it will regenerate itself, this will take one minute, then it is ready to use again."
— World of Padman Manual

The Health Station is a regenerable emplacement in World of Padman, stepping on it will regenerate the player's health at rate of 20 points per second, whenever the player steps on the emplacement while on full health it will say "Full energy." The size of the cross shows how much health is left at the station. When there's no cross, the station is depleted. It will automatically reload in 60 seconds.