Lutomas' Teamfights is a small CTF map. It consists of 2 very simple bases, with only a wall in the middle to seperate them. 


Teamfights' levelshot

Lutomas' Teamfights (Custom Map)

Lutomas' Teamfights (Custom Map)

Weapons Edit

Each base has 1 Balloony, 1 Betty, 1 Splasher, 1 Bubble.G. and 1 Pumper. There is a boaster hidden in the middle. 

Powerups Edit

Aside from 1 health station in every base, there are no other powerups in this map. 

Bases Edit

The bases are small and simple. The flag is located on the top of the elevators. The middle bit can actually be entered instead of going around it. There is a small button below the door, which when pressed, opens both doors to reveal the Boaster. However, the player takes damage while going through this area, presumably to prevent camping.