Here's a list of all the custom mods for WoP.

PadMod PortEdit

Brings back the old PadMod from Q3 to WoP 1.2.

Features: Weapon skins, texture changes, new maps, new music, new menus, old padman models.

Horror Mod by KogsEdit

Changes weapon textures and sounds, also some menus. (1.2 only)

Features: New skins, textures, sounds and menus.

X-Mas ModEdit

Changes menus, character and weapon skins, map textures and models, adds new music, a new gametype "Freezetag" and new hats. (1.2 only)

Features: Texture and skin changes, new menus, new gametype, new music, new map.

Wop 2014-07-07 01-15-42-83

The main menu of the X-Mas mod

CTF ModEdit

Adds the CTF Gametype, new maps and new music. (1.2 only)

Features: 16 new maps and a new gametype

Black Bubble G. ModEdit

Changes all the colorful Bubble G. bubbles to black.

Features: Minor texture change

Vortex Balloony ModEdit


Ludo ModEdit

Changes the weapons to be lego-styled (Never finished)

Features: 1 new map, new weapon models.

Beryllium ModEdit

Adds Multiplayer Modifications to WoP 1.6


Adds Multiplayer Modifications to WoP 1.2


Adds the Grappling Hook weapon and health pickups to old Q3 maps (1.6 only) (Download: )

To get most of these mods along with WoP 1.2, visit: