MopAn's jail underwent major changes in 1.2, almost the entire map was fully remade, with new rooms, a new backyard and new tunnel system. The locations of all the weapons and powerups were changed. 

Wop mopans jail-0

Jail's new levelshot

MopAn's Jail (1

MopAn's Jail (1.2)

Powerups Edit

MopAn removed 2 of the 3 jumpers and the speedy, and replaced them with a revival. One of the Floaters was also removed, and the PadShield was relocated.

Weapons Edit

There is still an Imperius in this map, however it's in a different location. Most of the other weapons stayed the same.

Gametypes Edit

Interestingly enough, the 1.2 version of MopAn's jail doesn't support the BB gametype, whilst the PadMod version did. ( it supports FFA, TDM, 1VS1, SyCFFA, SyCTP and LPS )

Other Edit

The two rooms containing the PadShield and Imperius ammo still exist in the newer versions of Jail, however they can only be accessed through the /noclip command. There is nothing inside them and they are almost pitch black.