PadGallery DeLuxe (Or PadGallery DL for short) is the updated version of the original map. This map is also used as the old PadGallery in the PadMod port and PadPack, however it has powerups and weapons moved and health stations. But the overall map is the same.

Padgallery dl

PadGallery DL's Levelshot

PadGallery DeLuxe by ENTE (PadMap)

PadGallery DeLuxe by ENTE (PadMap)

Changes From the Original Edit

Apart from new and moved powerups, this map also features new shortcuts to the "Statue Room", in place of the old Water block statue, there's a PadMan statue, and lots of other graphical improvements. There's also a new side-room with a secret portal leading to the new Climber, which was not featured in the original PadGallery.

Powerups Edit

PadGallery DL has a PadShield, Visionless, Revival, PadPower and Climber

Weapons Edit

PadGallery DL features all weapons apart from the Imperius. It was removed and replaced with the Visionless powerup.

Gametypes Edit

PadGallery DL supports FFA, TDM and 1VS1 Gametypes

Music Edit

PadGallery DL features music from the original PadGallery, which is in Dieselkopf's latest in-game album called " Industrial Puppet " (WoP 1.6)