PadCastle is ENTE's first PadMap which dates back to the year 2000. It was updated in ENTE's PadPack for WoP 1.2 in 2007, and also featured as the Spray Room in PadShop for the PadMod ( 4th PadCastle Birthday ) PadCastle is more like a regular Q3 map even in the PadPack, featuring Q3 textures only, as well as the map design. 


PadCastle's Levelshot

PadMan's PadCastle (by ENTE)

PadMan's PadCastle (by ENTE)

Weapons Edit

PadCastle featured all weapons apart from the Imperius. There was an Imperius added in the new version from 2007. 

Powerups Edit

PadCastle featured the Revival, Visionless and PadPower powerups. 

Gametypes Edit

PadCastle supports FFA, TDM and 1VS1 Gamemodes

Music Edit

There is no custom music for this map