ENTE's PadSpace (PadMap)

ENTE's PadSpace (PadMap)

PadSpace is a small map designed by ENTE for the game Quake 3 Arena. it is one of the 18 PadMaps and one of the 4 PadMaps which were never updated for the nowadays WoP. As one would guess, there are no health stations in this, nor any of the PadMaps, since Quake 3 never had health Stations.


The levelshot of PadSpace.


PadSpace has 2 Shard Packs, 1 PadShield, 1 Revival, 1 Visionless and 1 PadPower. There is no Jumper, speedy nor holdables in this, nor any of the other PadMaps.


PadSpace features all weapons apart from the Imperius and Spray Pistol (No SyC Version). There is 1 of each weapon and ammo packs for every weapon.


As with all other PadMaps, there are only 3 Gametypes for this map: Free For All, Team Deathmatch and Tournament.


PadSpace features a looping song from the Swedish artist Dieselkopf. The same track that played in the PadSpace map for Quake 3 is now featured in WoP Standalone and 1.6 versions inside the "PadRock'n'Roll" album by Dieselkopf.