Pixel's Dock is a custom map made by Pixel for WoP 1.2. This is one of the few maps that supports every single gametype, including CTF. It was originally intended to be added in the CTF mod but was removed in version 1.0. The map can still be accessed in Guilty's Custom Pack. 

Pix dock b

Pixel's Dock custom levelshot made by Guilty_King

Pixel's Dock-CTF Version (Custom Map)

Pixel's Dock-CTF Version (Custom Map)

Weapons Edit

The map consists of 5 platforms, there is a weapon on each of them. All weapons are featured in this map, apart from the Imperius 

Powerups Edit

Aside from a few health stations, there are no Powerups in this map. 

Gametypes Edit

As stated above, this map supports all gametypes. 

FFA Edit

The regular version of the map is the smallest with a center platform and 4 platforms surrounding it on each side. 

SyC Edit

The SyC version is the same as the FFA version, with the exception of the SyC portal which is on the center platform. 


The BB version is similar to the CTF version, it consits of 3 main platforms, 1 for the blue team, 1 for the red team and 1 neutral zone, similar to the BB version of PadCrash. There is 1 balloon on each main platform 

CTF Edit

The CTF version divides the map in 3 areas: The Red Team's platform containing the Red flag, the Blue team platform containing the Blue flag and the Neutral zone in the middle. Both team platforms are identical due to balancing purposes.