The Spray Room is a special room that can only be accessed on SyC supported maps. It's the room where the players spray their logos. In the SyC rooms there are two walls, one for the red team and one for the blue team. The cartridge gets wasted if not sprayed on one of the walls. In SyC FFA, you can spray on any of the two walls, while in SyC TP , you must spray on the wall of your team's color. If a player sprays on the wrong wall in SyC TP, the cartridge gets wasted and the team doesn't gain any points, but the logo is still sprayed.

To access the Spray Room, one must find the Spray Portal. Players can only go through the Spray Portal if they carry one or more cartridges with them.

Screenshots Edit

Wop 2014-07-07 10-51-32-99

PadGarden Spray Room

Wop 2014-07-07 10-54-11-79

PadShop Spray Room

Wop 2014-07-07 10-52-49-65

PadKitchen Spray Room