The Spray Tunnel is the area between the regular map and the Spray Room. It's a tunnel where the player switches from their regular gun to the Spray Pistol and jump through it in high speed. Usually the Spray Tunnel is cut in half, one half is for players who go in, the other half for players who go out, so that there is no interference when people are going in and out of the Spray Room at the same time. The way the Spray Tunnel works is that once a player goes through the Spray Portal with a cartridge, the teleport right at the end of the Spray Tunnel where there's an instant invisible jumppad which shoots them forward into another portal leading to the Spray Room. During the time of the jump, the character automatically switches from the regular gun they are holding to the Spray Pistol. All their weapons are disabled once in the Spray Room to prevent cheating.

Screenshots Edit

Wop 2014-07-07 10-50-54-40

PadGarden Spray Tunnel

Wop 2014-07-07 10-52-16-32

PadKitchen Spray Tunnel

Wop 2014-07-07 10-53-38-99

PadShop Spray Tunnel