The WoP Team is the team of programmers and editors behind the game.

Team Members Edit

Andres Endres (ENTE)-Team Leader, Map Designer, 2D Artist, forum and site admin, Player Skins designer

Angie Lee-Announcer in WoP 1.2

Eileen Heath-Announcer in WoP 1.6

Stefan Langer: Leadcoder

Herby: Additional Coder

Uwe Koch (Cyrri): Additional Coder

Niklas Link (TheBrain): Additional Coder

Paul C. (PaulR): Additional Coder, Model Artist

Thilo Schulz: Additional Coder,

Jorg Holsten (GlowStar): Map Artist

Simon Furkert (Harmonieman): Map Artist, News Poster

Kai Bergmann (Kai-Li): Map Artist and News Poster (Translates WoP News into English), creator of the only Mapping Tutorial for WoP

Martin Lange (Cyben): Map Artist

Andreas Spitzer (MopAn): Map Artist

Sebastian Henke (doomdragon): Model Artist, Player Skins Designer, creator the 3D Intro movie, also created the WoP 2004, 2006 and 2007 trailers.

Kevin Jaques (SloB): Model Artist

Tim Evison (Tpe): Model Artist, Player Skins Designer

Manuel Reyes (Gogitason): Model Artist, Player Skins Designer

James Johnson (PencilWhipped): Model Artist

Felix Stellmacher (FEzzz): Model Artist

Camilla Koutsos (Milla): Player Skins Designer

Mighty Pete: Skyboxes

Dieselkopf: Music (Swedish Band)

Green Sun: Music (German Band)

Neurological: Music

Smiley: Website and forum admin, creator of the Windows Installer for the game.

Screenshots Edit


WoP 1.5 Credits

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