Production information


Technical specifications
  • Grants player near invisibility

Invisibility (Quake 3 Arena)

"It's cool to hunt people down while being invisible, but you are not 100% invisible. A slightly visual effect can be seen of you look carefully, but most of the time you'll be able to reach the teleporter or steal the lolly without being seen and attacked by the opponents."
— World of Padman Manual

Visionless, also called as ViSiONLESS, is a powerup that makes the user almost invisible for 30 seconds. The player becomes transparent with some shimmering light effects around him/her. While it doesn't make player truly invisible, it makes him/her very difficult to see unless very close. The Invisibility power-up respawns after 2 minutes.


  • Visionless should be used to sneak up on targets. Don't run in front of them and fire, because they still can see you when you get close. Instead, fire from a distance or from behind them. If somebody sees you, it shouldn't be difficult to get away. Just stick to a path and they'll lose you.
  • It'll be difficult to tell if an enemy has Visionless, so you can't prepare yourself against it. Instead, just be aware of your surroundings. If somebody does attack, run away! It's not worth getting killed all because you wanted to chase a target that you couldn't see from medium or long range. Take it out on somebody else.
  • When you have Visionless, Pumpers and other slow-firing weapons are your best friend. If they can see your muzzle flash, they know where you are, and Visionless becomes pointless, beam type weapons like the Boaster will give your position away while firing.
  • Some basic console commands like mipmap might be able to make player spot Visionless wielders easily. So, mind that you're not fully invisible and not everyone are hackers.
  • Visionless' usefulness depends to a great extent on the player(s) you are playing against. Some people spot invisible players easily, while others cannot see them, even if they are standing right in front of them. Watch your opponents carefully to see how observant they are. Use this knowledge to your advantage.