There are many new and useful wallhacks in WoP 1.6. All of these can be turned on or off in the options

Spray Portal WallhackEdit

Whenever the player gets a cartridge in SyC, a wallhack showing the location of the Spray Portal appears

Health Station WallhackEdit

Whenever the player is low on health, wallhacks showing the nearest health stations appear.

Balloon WallhackEdit

In Big Balloon there are now wallhacks showing all three balloons around the map. That also includes which ones are neutral, red and blue.

LPS WallhackEdit

In LPS there are wallhacks showing where all the players are located to prevent camping. The Orange wallhack is the person with the most lives left.



If in a Team Play game, a player has a green Pad Logo on top of their heads, that means they are your teammate.


If a player has a WoP sign on top of their head, that means they are either typing or AFK.

Snow Flake Wallhack Edit

The snow flake wallhack is a special wallhack only for the Freezetag gamemode in WoP 1.2 (X-Mas Mod). It shows the location of frozen teammates and also appears on the scoreboard, next to players who are frozen.