There are 136 Custom Maps ever created for WoP 1.2. 92 of these are currently available in Guilty_King's custom WoP 1.2 pack.

1.2 Custom Maps Edit

TEST Corridor

Staub2 by Schmitt

Spider's Map

Spider's Kino

Vlirus' Something

Machopig's Sandfestung

Gametot's Playground

Oregano4's Plane

OSMO's PadCellar

Tiko's Geb2

Schneeball's FunMap

Cyber's Room


Magic's AirCombat

Wentolo's Rooms

Wentolo's Room (entirely different)

Walrussel's DM17

Saha's Flat


Underwatter Beta by MapperSkyGuy

Nasbit's Underground Arena

Nasbit's Underground Arena Anti-Color version

Horny's Tournament

Toby's Room

Toby's Old Castle

Toby's Eyecancer Map

The Wod

The Match

Bury's Arena

Nasbit's StrokeFarm Light White version

Nasbit's StrokeFarm Grey version


TheWiesel's Skatefest

Rainbow 2 By Wentolo

Rainbow by Wentolo

Pudding's Race Combat

Pudding's DM17

Bury's Private Property

Bury's Portal Stage DM17

PooP by 3atMe!

Silent's Plattformen

Pixel's Dock

Phobos' DM17 Color

Phobos' DM17 Black and White

Phobos' Room

Phobos' Shopping Center

Phobos' Doener Hut

Nestel's Paint Arena

ChrisEU - PadArena

The old home

Monkroom Beta by Padbabs

Marble Hall 1vs1

Bob by butterschmeezal

Banana by butterschmeezal

Ludo City by Nestel34

LK's DM17

LK's Box Yard

Little little little cube

Laboratory by TheWiesel

Kid's Room by Method

Knotestmap by Gubba

PadOffice Killroom

Pud's Jump and Run

Schneeball's Hundemap

Horny's WTF Map

TheWiesel's Hobbyroom

Hectic's Werkstatt

Hectic's Training Alpha

Hectic's 7 Colors

Goofy's funnymap

Deck7 by Toby

Nasbit's DeadHouse

Dana's Room

Dacharena 1vs1

Coolooor by 3atMe!

Color Room

Classroom by Method



Bury's Casino

Bowler's Kengelbahn 2

Bowler's Daecher

Blu's Cave

BlockZone by Darth

TheWiesel's BlockCity

Battlezone by Pudding


Aster Kitchen by Nestel34

Bury's Aquaria Land

GLL's 2Tuerme v.2.0

Oregano4's 1vs1 map

GLL's DM17 (1vs1)

Goofy's Dining Room

Dada's BlackCastle

Nasbit's Map



Paddy's Room

Machopig's Stadion

Magic's Room

Padster's Grassy

Children's Room

Dada's Namenlose

Blu's little turney

Tigerblur's Room

Duel in the Sky

Deathmatch in Hell


Blu's Orange X

Rutschen Map

Exploid Room

Boaster Fun

Rancho's Room

Hyrule Castle by Blu

Styler's Room


Punchy's Paradise

Color Map

Color Map 2

Demo Room

Magic's Wohnzimmer

Nestel's Mushroom Garden Alpha

Sniper's Room


Dada's Room

Padmichi's TDM Map



The Little Wod

Pixel's Old House

Husi's Town

Minecraft Map

The Big Puzzle

Machopig's Toilet