There are only 24 maps ever made for the current version of WoP, most of these maps are just updated versions of old maps from WoP 1.2

1.6 Custom Maps Edit

Phobos' Pokernight

Monkroom by Padbabs

Iltis' Kaesaglocke

Iltis' HandLabyrinth

Holidays Improved by Nestel34

Hectic's Werkstatt

Pac-Man by Hectic

Hectic's Jump 'n' Run

Hectic's Hurry Up

Hectic's Hurry Up Darkspace

Hectic's Cube Fight

3atMe's Dead Simple

Iltis' Dark Place

Coolooor for WoP 1.6

BFG Fly or Die

Aster Kitchen by Nestel34

A Long Way by Hectic

Iltis' Frag A Pad

Blu's Tiny CTL (Beta available from Hectic's Fun Server)

Nestel's PaintArena

Tiko's Geb2 v.2.0

GLL's DM17 Station

3atMe's Campingwagen

Blu's Last Stand

Hectic's Elevator