The "Hidden" maps are unused or removed test maps, some are ported from Q3 (WoP can run Q3 maps since it uses the same engine)

Hidden Maps Edit

Lens Flare Test - PadMod port map, used to test the Lens Flare (Animated skyboxes)

PadBlock - A never-released map by ENTE made for the WoP Cancelled SinglePlayer mode

Kai's Trash Map CTL- A never-released map by Kai-Li for WoP 1.6. It's supposedly a CTL version of Kai's Trash Map, which is currently the largest default map in WoP. Reason as to why the map was never released is currently unknown, but screenshots of it were released on ModDB during WoP 1.5.4 Beta version.

Weinacht - WoP X-Mas map in the X-Mas mod that was never finished. It has no bot support and can only be accessed through in-game callvote or by console commands (/devmap). It doesn't appear in the menu.

Line-CTF by ChrisEU - A CTF map that was never released in the CTF Mod for WoP 1.2. The map is still in the archive of the mod , however the .bsp has no spawnpoints. That is fixed in Guilty_King's custom pack, so the map is fully playable there. However, it has no bot support.

Breakpoint - a test map for the earliest beta versions of the PadMod used to test the CTF gamemode. It can still be accessed through the Kickchat page for WoP ( )

wop_mapBB=BB Basic tutorial map for GTK Radiant only ( won't run in WoP )

wop_mapBB_onlyboxes=Similar to the previous one but balloons only

wop_mapCTL=CTL Basic Tutorial map for GTK Radiant only

wop_mapLPS=LPS Basic Tutorial map for GTK Radiant only

wop_mapSyC=SyC Basic Tutorial map for GTK Radiant only

wop_mapSyC_onlytele=Similar to the previous one but teleporter only