World of Padman Standalone Complex is the second game in the WoP series. it was released in 2007 as the Standalone version of WoP. It runs on the ioq3 engine.

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The DVD Cover

What has changed Edit

Lots of things have changed in the first Standalone version of WoP.

The skins of some of the weapons changed entirely.

The maps were changed drastically (Especially MopAn's Jail, ENTE's PadGarden and ENTE's PadKitchen)

The textures were updated

The PadPack was released for the Standalone

Removed the Climber powerup and most old PadMan skins

Changed all the menus

GlowStar's Anteroom and ENTE's PadShop were removed

What's new Edit

There have been new additions with WoP Standalone that were not in the PadMod. For example:

Kai's Trash Map - entirely new map

New albums by Dieslekopf and Green Sun were added

New PadMan skins were added

Lots of custom mods and maps were released for the Standalone Complex

The 1.2 Patch Edit

After the big release in 2007, a patch was released which added a bunch of new features:

An updated version of GlowStar's Anteroom map

New MonsterHawk skin for MonsterPad

Screenshots Edit

Main kl

The title screen

Player kl

The Player Selection Screen

Server kl

The map selection screen