In 2010, a big update was released for World of Padman called "The Colorful Evolution" It is the third major version of the WoP Series. It has lots of new features and changes.


What changed Edit

Removed the PadGallery and PadCastle maps

Updated a lot of graphics, models and sounds

Changed all of the PadMan skins and the PadMan model

Removed "Godman" from Final Space album and added "Sentimental Blur, Brain Surgery and Finaly Space " songs to Final Space album.

No longer supports the X-Mas mod

Remove the Tournament gametype

Changed the way LPS works so that it uses different versions of maps like BB does.

Removed the Pelvis skin

What's new Edit

Added updated version of ENTE's PadShop with entirely different graphics and rooms

Added 9 new CTL Maps

Added new gametype: Capture the Lolly (CTF)

Added 5 new characters: PaddyBell, BeachPad, PadCho, PadKing and PadPunk

Added new music: Industrial Puppet album by Dieselkopf and Painted Death album by Neurological

Added new map "PadGarden Night" For FFA and LPS gametypes only

Added new gametype Instapad (Instagib)

Added new weapon "The Injector" for Instapad only

Added 2 new powerups: Boomies and BamBams

The 1.6 Patch Edit

Like the 1.2 patch in 2007, a patch was released for the new WoP as well. This latest patch features:

Changes to the gameplay (e.g. boaster's damage has been reduced)

Added two new skins for PaddyBell: BadPaddy and PaddyBee

Added a new map: Oregano4's Plane map (used to be a custom map for WoP 1.2)

The Beta versions Edit

There were a few beta versions before 1.6 was released, those included WoP 1.5.3, 1.5.4 and 1.5.5 beta versions which were only released to the pbucli via the PadWorld server

The Beta versions had a planned map: Kai's Trash Map CTL, however it was never released in the final 1.6 patch due to unknown reason.

The read more about all the different Beta versions prior and after 1.5, visit:

The 1.5.1 Hotfix Edit

The 1.5 release was very buggy so a week after it's release, the WoP team released a quick hotfix patch to fix most of the bugs.